Our story


Hello, I'm Stéphanie!

I'm the happy founder of LOU&JO!
Basically a nurse-practitioner, I live in the charming city of Barcelona with my husband and our second daughter, Joy.
Our life completely turned upside down in one day, in October 2016, with a long therapeutic journey full of hope and disillusions, after the birth of our first daughter, Louise.
We are a family who gone through tragic, loss but also joy, learning to dance in the rain. Because life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...




My first daughter, Louise, was born with a rare genetic disease. She was transferred to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit few hours after her birth due to the need of an emergency surgery.
At that moment, we were completely lost. We didn't know if Louise would live or pass away. Nevertheless, despite this terrible situation, I wanted to breastfeed her no matter what. It was the only means I had to support her in this tragic moment. I tried so many times but unfortunately Louise was too weak to suck on her own... So I had to use a breast pump to give her my milk through a nasogastric tube...  This first experience was far away from the idea that I had of motherhood and breastfeeding.
As you can imagine, life in intensive care is complicated: with the doctor's visits and the nurse's rounds, I had literally no privacy to pump my milk. I felt really uncomfortable in this cold room with the medical equipment, the non-stop "bip" and the breast pump sound.
Breast pumps aren't very inconspicuous and my nursing clothes weren't very practical. Most of the time, I had to take off my top entirely and put on a  hospital's blanket to hide myself as I am very modest...
For one month, I have spent 95% of my time at the hospital and unfortunately, I have seen so many other mothers in the same situation as me during their breastfeeding journey.


Few years later, Joy came into our lives but a month earlier than her planned due-date. So here we go again, back to the NeoNatal Intensive Care Unit for a few days. It was again a challenge for me to breastfeed my baby within this Unit, also because I had a C-section.

 Joy was a starving baby :-) and I needed comfortable and practical nursing clothes. All I found in the market were either too expensive or old-fashioned. And I would not have imagined breastfeeding with the medical staff around for a second time. But I held on and my breastfeeding journey lasted more than a year! 

 The truth is that even after 2 pregnancies, I didn’t know a lot about breastfeeding, it just came out naturally to me. It is so personal, unique and different for each of us, but it is definitely the best journey of my life. 
From my personal story and experience, this is how the LOU&JO idea was born.
I have decided to support all women facing the same situation as me or not, to get the right clothes. I would love to find nursing clothes that fit perfectly to me, so I had this idea of a tee-shirt you can open without lifting it, simple and practical, cool and in-fashion, while respecting the environment. 

Why a tee-shirt?

Because when you're a mum you only have 5 minutes to dress up and you need something simple that fits with any style.
Making each of our garments has involved a great effort, not only at the level of production but also selecting the most eco-friendly and ethical production itinerary possible. 
My main concerns was:
  •  Quality: that's why all our tees are made with a premium organic cotton 180g/m², very soft and comfortable also safe for baby's skin and sensitive skin.
  • Ecology: because I care about the future of my kids. Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world. So I wanted LOU&JO to be the most eco responsible possible: using certified organic fabrics but also supporting the local economy with manufactures which have the same ethical and ecological values.

Inspired by love, motherhood and my mediterranean lifestyle, I want to motivate and empower the modern woman to feel free to breastfeed anywhere, anytime and be more confident.

 Hope you'll love it!
From Barcelona with love,
In memory of Louise,