Laundry care

 Any advice to keep your breast friend clothes brand new for life because doing your laundry in an eco-responsible way helps to increase its lifespan and reduce your own environmental impact!


 Delicate wash at a maximum temperature of 30°C

Did you know that doing your laundry at 30°C instead of 60°C saves more than 60% energy? Washing at low temperature saves energy and therefore money, it also contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions and takes care of the fabric fibers. For "normally dirty" everyday washes, the 30 ° program is more than enough!


  Iron at a maximum temperature of 110 ° C ( low ) and on the reverse


 Use detergents without bleach

All our garments are made with organic cotton without dye. This means that the cotton is just bleached but keeps its natural shade. Using detergent with optical brighteners and phosphates may alterate the color. Always better use a mild or an eco-labelled detergent, free from optical brighteners and phosphates (substances harmful to the environment), and effective even at low temperatures.


 Dry cleaning prohibited


 Dryer prohibited

The best alternative, both for the environment and your clothes, is air-drying. Tumble dryer uses a lot of energy and may shrink the garment.


And also... 

- Please wash on the reverse, zips closed with similar colours

- You can notice a little shrinkage of the fabric after washing, keep cool, everything will return in order after ironing

- Don't need to put all the bottle detergent to wash better! 

- Treat as quickly as possible stains or marks, applying mild soap to the area 

- Call your Mama if you have any questions...